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About this initiative

Each day more than 10,000 Americans turn age 65, and 1 in 4 American seniors live in a small town or rural area. These communities often lack the services, resources, activities, connectivity and infrastructure of their more urban counterparts, which is contributing to deep disparities in health and quality of life. As a response to this issue, Dentsu Aegis agency Isobar, in partnership with Tivity Health, Health eVillages and the Rural Aging Council, helped launch, a destination for collaboration on rural aging. emerged as topy priority from the inaugural Connectivity Summit on Rural Aging in June of 2017 to share knowledge and foster collaboration.  August 2018 marked the 2nd Annual Summit where Tivity Health again assembled influential leaders across local and national government, public and private academia, leaders in the healthcare and transportation sectors to tackle the issue of social isolation.


A wealth of knowledge was shared from the leaders that participated regarding issues of social isolation. For example, ride sharing service, Lyft, revealed that 25% of their rides are for underserved populations to close the gap in the first or last mile to public transportation options and nearly 15% of ridership is made up of rides requested by other people – primarily caregivers.


At the summit, breakout sessions explored the need for ongoing collaboration and pilot endeavours, common measurement standards, and overall public awareness of the issue. Specifically, the leaders in attendance reinforced the need for a destination for interactive tools, regular updates on success stories, and aligned benchmarking or diagnostic standards.

The launch version of the Rural Age hub highlights case studies of Rural Aging Council member organizations and content presented at the summit. Future implementations of the site will likely incorporate solutions identified at the Summit as well as enable collaborative features. The hub is designed to be a tool kit for organizations both private and public sector to make an impact. 

As a private citizen or an employee of a public or private entity, we all are in the position to address social isolation. Visit to learn more about the topic and how you can get involved. As Mary Flipse, Chief Legal offer of Tivity Health, shared at the 2018 Connectivity Summit on Rural Aging,  “Loneliness is a toxic issue, but the cure for it is in our own hands.”