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A Place At The Table

A Place At The Table

About this Initiative

In 2016 a three year national media campaign - A Place at the Table  - was launched to inspire America and its leaders to make ending hunger in the U.S. a national priority. Backed by $300M of donated media from major media partners – including broadcast, digital, out of home and print advertising – A Place at the Table kicks off with a public service announcement featuring former First Lady Michelle Obama. The PSA, which can be viewed here, features working Americans struggling with hunger and encourages viewers to fuel the potential of every child by demanding action from our nation’s leaders to fix the problem.


“Americans face hunger in every single state, city and town in our country, and it’s driving up healthcare costs, holding children back from reaching their full potential in school, and hurting the productivity of our workforce,” said Tom Colicchio, Food Policy Action Education Fund co-founder, chef and food advocate. “Simply put: America can’t be great on an empty stomach. If we are going to fulfill our potential as a country, we need to make sure adequate nutrition is affordable for every working person in this country and bolster programs for children, veterans, and seniors”.


“The election of 2016 showed us that Americans are ready for a change,” said Colicchio. “There are a few things that everyone in this country can agree upon; that veterans shouldn’t go hungry is one of them. Ending hunger for children and seniors is another. Fixing this will have an enormous impact on our kids’ educational outcomes. It will provide a giant boost for our economy and propel our nation forward in an increasingly competitive global environment. Besides…it’s the right thing to do.”