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Feel Free to Feed

Feel Free to Feed

About the initiative

Breastfeeding is an important part of healthy new-borns’ development. But attitudes to breastfeeding, in private and in public, can be slow to change. How can we make it safe and comfortable to breastfeed in public spaces so that mothers are not embarrassed to step out with their young children?

One of the main focus points in the SDG 3 Good health and well-being is maternal and new-born mortality. Major progress has already been made since 2010 but there are still too many mothers and babies who die before they are five years old. And this is not only because of healthcare, but also because of attitudes towards new-born care and nutrition. Breastfeeding is an important way to support any new-born’s development.


Natalac, a natural health supplement for nursing mothers, wanted to kick start the changing of attitudes towards breastfeeding, especially in public, in order to supports its mission to help young mothers. Together with Dentsu X it launched a campaign “Feed Love” where it created a pop-up breastfeeding pod in a popular, premium Manila shopping centre. It supported this activation with digital media and seeded influencer stories on- and off-line with the hashtag #feelfreetofeed. It also launched a Feed Love shawl (a poncho for breastfeeding – a “boncho”) to help mothers find ways to feed in public.

During its 3-day pop-up, the breastfeeding pod had 40 mothers participate. The campaign around the Love Feed Pod had a 6.1m reach, with 277,000 as a result of organic work. There were also 250,000 views of the video related to the Love Feed Pod and the newly launched breastfeeding shawl.