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Omnicom Group

Access to inclusive and quality education is fundamental to the lives of children and families throughout the world. In support of SDG #4, Omnicom is working alongside the UN to achieve this goal by 2030. 

We want every child, no matter where they live, to have the opportunity to go to school. It’s that simple. Yet, 57 million children, mostly girls, still need our help. 
Omnicom agencies and our clients are putting their creative minds to work around the world to help make lasting change for these children. 

We are at the beginning of our journey and proud to partner with two outstanding non-profit organizations -  TheirWorld and Girl Effect to ensure equal access to schooling for all women and children

Omnicom is committed to not letting these children be forgotten. Join us in that fight.


Quality Education

Provide access to inclusive, quality education for children worldwide.