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Climate change is an urgent challenge to humanity that needs our immediate attention and action. This is critical to the continuation of our society and business. 

The Havas Group commits to meet SDG 13 – Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. 
We don’t want people to feel overwhelmed when thinking about climate change. We want our collaborators and communities to feel empowered and take action by providing our resources to continually create innovative approaches to this issue. 
From implementing an ambitious group environmental policy – reduction of 20% GHG emissions by 2020 to collaborating with the world’s biggest brands to address their sustainability concerns, we continue to maintain our commitment to collaborative efforts in reducing climate change.
The common ground initiative is a historic opportunity for you to get involved in the movement to combat climate change and its impacts. 
Check out what we have been doing and how to get involved, it’s your chance to join in the action. It starts with us! 


Climate Action

Combat climate change and minimize its disruptions.