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The Whole Story

The Whole Story


About this Initiative

Working directly with UN Women, WPP created a brief: “How can we use Creativity and Technology to confront people and make them empathize with (and take action on) the realities of gender inequality"?

In response to the brief, Y&R created The Whole Story Project - an app that showcases the courageous accomplishments of extraordinary women who have helped to shape world history. The app allows users to see, share and add virtual statues through augmented reality and GPS technology. By creating an open-source platform, it allows different groups of women to augment their own histories and place statues around the world.

Since launching the effort, Y&R have built the framework for engaging organic and traditional partnerships across a wide spectrum of cultural, historical, educational and governmental practices including New York State, Code Liberation, and Girl Scouts.

Read Mashable's coverage here. Or even better, download the app, available on the App Store and Google Play.