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Walk the Talk

Walk the Talk


About this Initiative

Only 12% of board seats worldwide are held by women and fewer still, 4%, are CEO's heading the world’s 500 leading corporations. Maxus are determined to change this through their internal initiative, Walk the Talk, that aims to inspire the next generation of female leaders.

There is a strong business case, as well as an ethical one, for women in leadership: “Companies where women make up a third or more of board members significantly outperformed their rivals, with 53% more return on equity” (Deloitte Global). Maxus are looking at the barriers that exist for female talent in the industry – the ones they create for themselves, as well as the unconscious bias that exists within most organisations.


They started in April 2016 with an intensive two day experience to empower female senior leaders and stand-out talent to take the steps they need to thrive in their careers. Held in New York, London and Phuket, this isn't a conference, but more of a working group. Each leader is then responsible for introducing new behaviours into their respective markets, to bring a better balance and greater opportunity for all.


The initiative aims to amplify female talent whilst they stand side by side with their male counterparts, to drive business success and is now being trialled as a repeatable model across the wider WPP network. Read more about their journey and progress here.