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Stories to Inhale

Stories to Inhale

About this initiative

44% of Brazilian children have respiratory problems. The most common treatment is inhalation therapy, which is often a distressing process for many children. NBS Brazil and client Clin Kids wanted to find a way to make this therapy more fun for kids through storytelling.

The Inhalation Stories Kit is made up of a fun character box, a mask, and a pair of headphones. The masks are made of a light, flexible material, so they feel light on children's faces and fit perfectly over the nebulizer masks. Then, an adult just needs to put the nebulizer mask, character mask, and headphones on the child, choose the character's story on, and let the child have fun while undergoing therapy. The stories were created by children's authors with supervision from Clin Kids pediatricians. They last exactly 12 minutes, the same as the therapy. The stories also help in medication delivery, because the characters experience the same respiratory problems as the patients. For example, at a given moment, the fox runs so fast she is out of breath, and the child needs to help her take a deep breath and fill her lungs.

Acceptance was outstanding. We traded tantrums for laughter and were able to change behaviours by turning an obligation into pure fun. Now, children not only sit quietly throughout the treatment, but they also want to do it again to hear the other stories. This allowed us to reduce the wait time for inhalation therapy by 50%, not to mention the peace of mind it brought parents, doctors and nurses, who no longer needed to beg children to finish their treatment.