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Publicis Media France annual inter-companies sport event!

Publicis Media France annual inter-companies sport event!

In support of Action Contre la Faim, a global humanitarian organization, employees got active!

Let’s here directly from Publicis Media France about how they engage with NGO Action Contre la Faim actions through two key projects…


We invited all of our Talents to contribute sportively to Action Contre la Faim through an annual inter-companies sport event that takes place in June in Paris/La Défense. The aim is to show our support to this cause through sport performance. Several sports can be chosen (Running, Walking, Zumba, Yoga, Kick Boxing) enabling each one of our Talent to contribute according to his/her capacities and “athlete profile”. They are all committed to go beyond their performance limits to earn as much money as possible to support Action Contre la Faim.  


This competition is also a great Agency teambuilding moment. We kindly but resolutely compete against other Companies, proudly showing Publicis Media spirit and contributing to a cause that is key to our Agency values. This action is also highly sponsored by the “Kind People”, a group of our most engaged Talents in solidarity awareness within the Agency.


Very concretely, in 2016 we were able to give around 17 000€ to support Action Contre la Faim commitment through this great event! We have already launched the invitation for their 2017 event that will take place on June, 16th.


We also are a business partner of Action Contre la Faim regarding their media strategy and media buying.


One of our team dedicates some of their time to building a strong and powerful media strategy and negotiate free media spaces with our partners so that Action Contre la Faim earns a strong visibility with a minor budget. This results in launching several media Campaigns to promote their messages through Print and Digital Media Campaigns.


And we are planning on participating again June 2018! So watch this space.