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Premmie Love

Premmie Love

About this initiative

The arrival of a new-born is often announced through cute photos on Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms. But if the baby comes prematurely, parents can often shy away from posting on social media, unsure of how to share the news, or how friends and family will react. What can we do to help these new parents share their news and access support from their circles?

One of the main focus points in SDG 3 Good health and well-being is maternal and new-born mortality. Children are most vulnerable in the first 28 days of life (the neonatal period). In 2015, the global neonatal mortality rate was 19 deaths per 1,000 live births, a decrease from 31 deaths per 1,000 live births in 2000. Especially prematurely born infants are at risk, with medical science and care improving survival chances continually. But just as important are the new parents of the baby, who report that they are afraid to be judged as having done something wrong in their pregnancy.


In Australia, 8.6% of babies are born pre-term annually, and the number is increasing. With over 48,000 new-born babies requiring care in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) or Special Care Nursery (SCN) every year there is a real need for new products and tools for parents. That’s why BWM Dentsu worked with client BabyLove on a project that aims to support new parents of premature babies. Baby Love, an Australian childcare brand, believes every baby is perfect in their own way.

So, together they created Premmie Proud, a new social initiative to help encourage parents of premature babies to share their little miracle with the world. Created in partnership with the Miracle Babies Foundation and the world’s leading baby photo sharing app, Baby Pics, it’s a new section of the popular app designed specifically for parents of premature babies. It includes a range of new hand-crafted photo overlays that speak directly to the moments only premmie parents can relate to, such as graduating from the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and being a ‘Little Fighter’.


“Parents of premmies can miss out on experiences other new parents take for granted, and one of these is sharing pictures of their new-born,” said BabyLove’s Debra Smith. “Unsure of how others may respond to seeing their baby in hospital, parents often avoid posting photos altogether. We wanted to change this by encouraging parents to be really proud of their little miracle.”

In less than three weeks, Premmie Proud was featured on blogs and news sites all over the world, earning a whopping 3.5 million media impressions. And we raised over AUD $15,000 for the Miracle Babies Foundation (despite that not being a goal). But most importantly, more than 10,000 parents of premature babies have used Premmie Proud to share their little miracle with the world.


The project was also recognised in our industry with 5 awards, including a Silver at the Cannes Lions Festival of Advertising (2017) for PR – Social Community Building/Management, a Wood Pencil in the D&AD Awards (2017) for Writing for Digital Platforms and a shortlist for Social Idea of the Year in the Mumbrella Awards.