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No Time To Waste

No Time To Waste


About this Initiative

Tesco has launched its first press campaign about its commitment to tackle food waste, with chief executive Dave Lewis hailing a "purpose-driven" brand purpose as a way of building consumer trust.


This work, in collaboration with BBH London, sees Tesco roll out a variety of initiatives to stop any food fit for human consumption going to waste by the end of February 2018.  


The campaign, a print ad alongside several films, explains how Tesco ‘has no time to waste’ when it comes to eradicating food waste in every element of their value chain.


Find out about more from Tesco's food waste work with their ‘Nothing Wasted’ Banana Bread, and see how food waste rescued from the their supply chain is turned into a charity Christmas Dinner!


A third of all food is wasted, so this campaign will go some way in changing corporate and consumer behaviours.