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No Excuse

No Excuse

About this Initiative

Carling Black Label and a consortium of non-governmental and civic organisations launched a bold new campaign, #NoExcuse, as South Africa prepared to commemorate the UN's 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence campaign. 

The campaign is based on a devastating statistic that 40% of South African men assault their partners daily (South African Medical Research Council, 2017). 


The holistic and long-term approach of this movement aims to drive awareness, create conversation and provide tools for people to take positive action as a means of driving change. #NoExcuse refers to there being no excuse for men to perpetrate any form of violence, and no excuse for people to stand by and do nothing when others abuse. The #NoExcuse website features the number of people that have pledged to support the campaign as well as a 5-part webisode (available in English, Zulu and Xhosa) that shares the story of a woman who has suffered at the hand of violence.


Andrea Quaye, Vice President Marketing, SAB and AB InBev Africa, said: “Our decision to be an inaugural supporter of the #NoExcuse movement was driven by Carling Black Label’s status as a beacon of masculinity. As the largest beer brand in the country, it is our responsibility to ensure alcohol is consumed responsibly and to use the power of our brand to challenge South African men and our consumers to take action. While many consumers of alcohol drink responsibly and in moderation, it is clear that some people who commit acts of violence have consumed, and often misused, alcohol. Read more here and watch the supporting TV ad below.