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WiTH is with Movember

WiTH is with Movember

About this initiative

Did you know that men, on average, live 6 years shorter than women? It’s a big difference and it is down to a host of factors but a major contributor is mental health. Of the 800,000 suicides worldwide, for instance, the overwhelming majority are by men. But another major killer is testicular cancer, especially in middle age. What can we in advertising do to put the spotlight on helping men?

SDG 3 Good health and well-being focuses on the major factors that influence the health of men worldwide. Though testicular is a relatively rare type of cancer, it is the most common form of cancer in men age 15 to 35. It is also the most treatable but in order to do that, it does need to be diagnosed first. How can we get men to examine themselves and also bring up any issues with their doctor in order to get diagnosed in time? Another significant factor in SDG3 is mental health and its influence on resilience. The overwhelming majority of suicides worldwide are by men. So how do we make the issues around mental health for men more accessible?


In order to tackle these issues, Google's Creative Agency Team launched an unique creative competition called The YouTube Skippys. This competition sees four leading creative agencies battle it out, all creating video work that responds to the exact same brief. This year the brief came from Movember. Rather than being judged by a panel of industry experts, the winner was selected purely based on the performance of the work on YouTube. The videos were launched with an “equally targeted and weighted media plan” and the work will be measured against view through rate, average watch time and organic view count. The creative which grabs and retains people's attention the best was crowned the winner.

The agencies involved this year all put out some great videos: The Monkeys, WiTH Collective, Saatchi & Saatchi and Ogilvy. From the Dentsu Aegis Network stable it was WiTH Collective. Says Nicole Hetherington, their creative director: “The team wanted to come up with an idea that would stop viewers in their tracks. And I think a dog with a moustache, who immediately apologises for sleeping with its best mate's sister is bound to do just that. But what I particularly love about the idea is that it's not only funny, but very emotional; really driving home the Movember message: 'Grow a mo to stop a mate dying too young'.”


The ads are judged purely on performance across 3 key areas; View Through Rate, Average Watch Time, and Organic View Count. By encouraging friendly competition, creativity and innovation go into these short clips – both effective and engaging – spreading the word about testicular cancer. Despite getting 150,000 views, the WiTH campaign video was not successful but we think it’s still pretty great and wanted to share it!