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Monash Health Jam

Monash Health Jam

About this initiative

Monash Health recognised that adolescents with disabilities or chronic health issues are at a vulnerable point in their lives. As a minority group coming through Monash hospital (only 30% of all patients) they often get forgotten about. But it is imperative that this group is set up for success. We wanted to look at how design thinking could help solve their day-to-day challenges and what sort of initiatives these kids and teenagers would like to see improve their care at the hospital, and their lives overall.

One of the main focus points in SDG 3 Good health and well-being is disabilities or chronic health issues, especially within adolescents. Young people with chronic conditions often face more difficulties negotiating the tasks of adolescence than their healthy peers. 20-30% of teenagers have a chronic illness, defined as one that lasts longer than six months. However, 10-13% of teenagers report having a chronic condition that substantially limits their daily life or requires extended periods of care and supervision. ​


Isobar Good is the mission-driven capability of isobar dedicated to creating social impact by strengthening communities through inclusive and collaborative design practices. Isobar Good collaborated with client Monash to bring out patients’ needs in a creative way and address their problems more tangibly. And we wanted to focus on the transition between paediatric and adult care – of adolescent patients going into the adult health care system for the first time and what challenges that brings with it.   

After months of planning, Design Jam was born. Together, we spent a day outside the hospital and formed groups of experience designers, hospital staff, patients and families. We went through the design process of discover, define, design and deliver. We shared experiences through conversation and storyboarding to identify the key pain points in their life. We then came up with ideas to solve these problems and collaboratively prototyped the best ideas out. Through prototyping together, we were able to rapidly explore viable concepts from the patient and doctor perspective. By the end of the day we had prototyped 5 main concepts the team at Monash are now sharing internally and building a business case for.


Through this event, we’ve been able to generate ideas that solve real problems experienced by those within the health care system to further develop using the patient centric model. We have generated a shift in thinking in key hospital management staff at Monash, and have fostered passion for the way of working that have seen the team requested to speak at a global health conference: Designing Health. Furthermore, Monash is now sourcing more initiatives to pilot through a similar approach, as they are now advocates for how powerful this way of working can be.

Dr. Jacinta Coleman, Head of Adolescent Medicine Monash Health: “The design jam has given us all renewed perspective and determination to see this way of working through. We are meeting with our CEO on Monday to present our vision. Your team has helped us crystallise our thoughts and direction on where health care is going in the future. There is so much to do!”