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Malaysia Blood Donation

Malaysia Blood Donation


About this initiative

Every year, on 14 June, countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day (WBDD). The event serves to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products and to thank blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood. 

Blood is an important resource, both for planned treatments and urgent interventions. It can help patients suffering from life-threatening conditions live longer and with a higher quality of life, and supports complex medical and surgical procedures. Blood is also vital for treating the wounded during emergencies of all kinds (natural disasters, accidents, armed conflicts, etc.) and has an essential, life-saving role in maternal and perinatal care.


Across the network globally, Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) offices are great supporters of the WBDD initiative. The spotlight was on its business in Malaysia where in just a short span of five hours, over 50 employees came forward to donate blood in a blood donation campaign, which coincided with Malaysia’s 60th Independence Day.

Sharing the inspiration behind the theme of the campaign, Audra Ooi, who leads DAN Malaysia’s Corporate Communications said, “There are less than 5% of blood donors in Malaysia, resulting in inconsistent supply and sometimes shortage of blood at hospitals. More needs to done to remedy this situation, but I think initiatives like WBDD is a good, important way of reminding us of how a simple act of donating blood can generate a huge impact of saving lives.”


“Furthermore, our national anthem in the Malay language starts with the patriotic rousing call of ‘Negaraku, tanah tumpahnya darahku.’ Translated, it means ‘our country, the land where I have spilled my blood.’ So, drawing inspiration from the anthem and in line with DAN’s support for WBDD, we took ‘tanah tumpahnya darahku’ quite literally, and organised a blood donation drive in the office, to commemorate Malaysia celebrating its 60th Independence Day,” she explained.