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Gym's Everywhere (Colombia)

Gym's Everywhere (Colombia)

About this initiative

Lack of exercise on a regular basis is an important factor in a range of conditions, including non-communicable ones like respiratory and lung diseases, cancer and diabetes as well as our mental health. But whilst we all know that exercise is good for us, we find it difficult to commit the time and energy to keep fit. What little nudges can we deploy to tackle this?

Premature deaths owing to non-communicable diseases account for 43% of global mortality in 2015, the equivalent of about 13 million people. The risk of dying between 30 and 70 years of age from cancer, diabetes, respiratory and lung diseases has dropped to 19% but the rate needs to go down further; in addition there are over 800,000 suicides a year. As part of SDG 3 Good health and well-being the United Nations has formulated ambitious targets to tackle this issue and exercise plays an important part in achieving this goal.


Reebok is a loved global fitness brand that has been re-inventing itself over the past few years with an affiliation with cross-fit and the Be More Human campaign. How do you make people consider fitness in an increasingly digital world? Agency Carat in Colombia was tasked to come up with a way to engage a digital audience as humans and try and instil an approach to always be active. 

Carat launched a high impact digital campaign called Gym Is Everywhere with a customised micro-site. It was basically a challenge to people to reclaim the city as a place to exercise, foregoing the need for expensive membership and equipment. The campaign included guerrilla-style marks across each city to mark out places for urban exercise. We also used influencers who shared their favourite fitness regimes around urban locations and activated the campaign with interactive OOH installations around places like bus shelters, to challenge people to do more exercise and share that with us using #gymiseverywhere.

Overall, the campaign was a success, which generated traffic of 144,000 to the dedicated microsite. We saw a 21% engagement rate of visitors with the #gymiseverywhere campaign and counted 1.6m engagement on social media. Our videos were seen 2.5m times. The campaign generated strong earned media through the personalised involvement and engagement. We were recognised for the campaign with a MAXI Award in 2016.