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The Forgetting Tab

The Forgetting Tab

About this initiative

Much of our compassion for people with diseases stems from our ability to put ourselves in their shoes and to see things through their eyes. And that’s what The Forgetting Tab campaign did: using the incognito browser on Cốc Cốc, Vietnam’s leading internet browser, it raised awareness of Alzheimer’s disease amongst the Vietnamese by making them feel what it’s like to have the disease.

Despite almost half a million Vietnamese currently suffering from Alzheimer’s, awareness of the disease and its symptoms is still very low. Given there is a stigma associated with the disease, many sufferers do not seek treatment or admit to having it, therefore there is a possibility that the numbers of sufferers could be much higher. Cốc Cốc, a Vietnamese internet browser with 22 million users, wanted to raise awareness of the disease and encourage more sufferers to come forward and seek treatment.


The campaign, developed by isobar Vietnam, uses Cốc Cốc's existing incognito mode to call attention to the forgetfulness that characterizes the disease. When using incognito mode, or private browsing, the pages viewed do not stick around in the browser history, cookie store or search history after the tab is closed. Essentially, they are not remembered.


But why “The Forgetting Tab”? The reason is simple: for some users of Cốc Cốc, it’s their choice to forget, but for Alzheimer’s patients, they have no chance to remember the precious things or memories they’ve had in their life. The Forgetting Tab is a project which reminds people to help those who forget, to learn more about the disease and to be more sympathetic to those who suffer from it.

Mr. Victor Lavrenko, CEO of Cốc Cốc, said: “Cốc Cốc decided to partner with Isobar on building awareness for Alzheimer's because while the disease is severe, there is no cure at present. We hope that our campaign can get people talking and help better the situation for the many sufferers and their caregivers. And, who knows? It might perhaps inspire one​ of our many young users to go to university, study neuroscience, and even invent a cure in the future.”


Cốc Cốc has renamed their private browser “The Forgetting Tab” and is presenting users who want to surf incognito with an emotional message (via film) about Alzheimer's, in the hope of bringing people’s attention to this serious, life-debilitating disease that affects not just the patients but also their caregivers. Users could then click through to learn more about the disease and care.

Rajib Gupta, Creative Director of isobar Vietnam, said: "Alzheimer’s is a growing problem in Vietnam and “The Forgetting Tab” is a simple, yet innovative approach to generate awareness, especially in a country with massive internet users (51.5% of the population). This is an idea that can easily be adapted by other browsers with private browsing / incognito mode. At Isobar, we believe in the power of creativity to not only transform brands and businesses but to also do good for society and this is one of the ways we can help the communities we live in.”


The Forgetting Tab, developed by isobar Vietnman, was launched on April 29, 2017 and a media campaign is currently running till the end of June 2017. Planned media activities include web and video banner ads, keyword search ads, browser skin and PR (across 30 leading Vietnamese media channels and platforms). The campaign has been well received in its first week with 729,078 media impressions, 8,818 click-through and 380,730 new browsers installed.