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Blue Light

Blue Light

About this initiative

Very few people wearing glasses are involved in the choice of their optical lenses, because this is normally reserved for medical and technical experts.  To cope with this issue opticians face, Zeiss’s strategy was to convince end consumers to request Zeiss optical lenses, making the subject more interesting and accessible. They worked with Dentsu agency Gyro France to raise the awareness of the ‘invisible blue light invasion’ showing how important is a good lens protection is while facing the screen.


“You know nothing about it, but you are followed night and day

Hello, you don’t know I’m there

But I’m facing you every day

I am the blue light and I am extremely harmful for your eyes

It doesn’t help being face-to-face with me an average of 7 hours a day, on all your screens, without even knowing it”

(27th September 2017- First day against blue light)


On the 27th of September, a campaign was launched by Zeiss, in partnership with Dentsu agency Gyro France, to raise awareness of the blue light. There was mass media coverage in France during that day with screen takeovers on mobiles and desktop. There was no way to escape the campaign whether you tried to scroll, swipe or skip.

The campaign’s main aim was to convince consumers to request Zeiss lenses at their opticians as they provide greater visual comfort and safety with an anti-reflective treatment with a blue light filter.


“Now you all know me, I am the blue light, and Thanks to the ZEISS lenses, I will no longer be dangerous for your eyes.”


To raise awareness even further of the digital fatigue brought on by the ‘invisible blue light invasion’ more than 14 million impressions were generated on mass media websites.  

This advertising blitz campaign was tactical and interactive, meaning that on September 27th alone, the number of visits to the Zeiss website increased 33 times compared to an average day.